19 Willock Place (2019)

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Release Date: 2019 (UK)

Crime | Drama | Horror


Production Co: Cre8tive Films Worldwide

Stars in Movie

Stuart Breac

Docherty Laura

Heikkinen Anna

Stuart Zara

Dolphin Vanessa-May

Kubwabo Etienne

"19 Willock Place" is a film about Harry - A young African man with the supernatural ability to see the earthbound spirits with unfinished business. As Harry's gift begins to develop, He soon discovers he is able to see beyond the physical plain of the living. Trying to live a normal life, Harry goes on a date with a pretty young lady "ELVERA" but the moment becomes sour when Harry comes in contact with a spirit in the restaurant, to prevent dragging Elvera into his supernatural disturbing life. Harry tries to break off the date But finds Elvera is willing to take the risk even when she's not aware of what she may be walking into Events soon escalate in a horrifying fashion when the spirits realize Harry is able to see them and upon contact Harry is willingly able to get a glimpse to the true cause of their death. With the help of Harry's substitute assistant "HELEN", Harry locates the previous owner of his new home " A WIDOW - ELLA". To give her a message from beyond the grave The ...

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