Demimonde (2019)

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Release Date: 2019 (USA)

Horror | Mystery | Romance


Production Co: Oddbot Clock Productions

Stars in Movie

Dorian Louis

Liam Haynes

Barry Fisher

Matt Story

Aubrey Brummett

Sally Jubb

DEMIMONDE is the story of Tansy Dalton, a woman whose husband, Martin, was mysteriously killed following a sance at their house on Christmas Eve. She returns nine months later to find all as she had left it, even the presents unopened beneath the tree. Tansy's best friend, Erica Sanderson, hopes Tansy will pack up and get out quickly, but something is holding Tansy back - something is making her stay. Erica's on again, off again boyfriend, Sam, disappears after dropping off groceries at the house and an antique steamer trunk suddenly appears in the parlor, locked with items inside. Tansy's dreams are telling, and memories of the sance and her husband's subsequent death begin to return - memories Erica had hoped she will never regain. Enter Ezra Alderdice, a handsome, sad, young man who claims to be the grounds-keeper's nephew. Ezra seems to recognize Tansy but she does not remember him. He warns her not to open the trunk yet she ignores him, believing a voice she heard to be the ...

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