Inferno by Dante (2019)

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Release Date: 24 December 2019 (USA)

Adventure | Drama | Family | Fantasy | Horror | Mystery | Thriller

English | Italian

Production Co: Gotimna Pictures , Master Films Productions

Stars in Movie

Eric Roberts

Jeff Conaway

Silvia Colloca

Vincent Spano

Hlne Cardona

Sheena Colette

"Inferno by Dante" film is the story of Dante's journey through the first part of the afterlife, Hell. The Infernal journey begins in a dark forest where Dante is threatened by three wild beasts. He's rescued by his hero Virgil at Beatrice's request. Virgil guides and protects Dante on his dark journey descending circle-by-circle and their subdivisions to the center of the Earth where Lucifer resides, and out into Purgatory. The story is presented in an unprecedented and unique way that no other film has done until now. "Inferno by Dante" is a visual and narrative journey to and through Hell, which will make any audience to reflect on their own lives.

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