Memorized: Fragments of Forgotten (2019)

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Release Date: 30 June 2019 (UK)

Drama | Romance | Sci-Fi


Production Co: Uziel

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Celt works in the Memory Transplant Therapy Program for Amnesia Inc. providing memory replacement therapy to clients which involves overwriting details from the past they want to change and at times providing actual, artificial Memory Transplants. One of his female clients that Celt is allocated to by Professor Hume however, presents him with a challenging journey as he delves not only into her memories inside her mind and her past but also the scars she bears. The empathy Celt feels towards Evangeline suddenly grows as he starts to explore how she actually became physically confined to a wheelchair and begins to understand her struggle to live a fuller life, which is not only obstructed by her past wounds but also by her very current husband.

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