Mr. Deshee (2019)

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Release Date: 2019 (USA)



Production Co: Patel Films , Patel Films

Stars in Movie

Devanny Pinn

Adam Berardi

Ronnie Nanos

Steve Delgado

Noni Wheat

Raf Adame

A struggling but upbeat lower middle class guy from India aspires to someday come to the USA and find success. However his journey to America does not go according to plan. He answers an ad in the paper for an agent who can bring people to the USA for a hefty fee, but the agent turns out to be a Mexican coyote who traffics in illegal immigration. After a dangerous river crossing, he is taken to KINGMAN ,AZ. where a new series of misadventures gets in the way of his quest for freedom and fortune. Will he ever achieve the American Dream?

Movie Short Story

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