Way to Abbottabad (2019)

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Release Date: 11 September 2019 (USA)

History | Thriller

English | French

Production Co: AmerAsia Pictures

Stars in Movie

Jonathan Bennett

Faith Logan

Jim Meskimen

Sammy Durrani

Marisol Correa

James Chilli Chillingworth

"Way to Abbottabad" is a hard-hitting political and family thriller focusing on the uplifting tale of a man's perseverance in pursuit of justice which leads to peace among the nations in order to benefit the world in its prevailing battle against a backdrop of evil. Once, the WORLD was divided as B.C and A.D. Silently, the world divided again as"Before 9/11" and "After 9/11." It was not written on rock, still undocumented and unspeakable. "Way To Abbottabad" is the chariot that will band together the people to restore the overwhelming joy that we had B9/11.

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