With Friends Like These (2019)

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Release Date: 2019 (Canada)



Production Co: High Road Less Traveled Pictures , Creepy Corridor Pictures

Stars in Movie

Chris Gauthier

Tarun Keram

Trent Redekop

Allison Klause

Mekayla Bierman

Celeste St. Peter

With Friends Like These is the story of a group of life-long friends getting together for one last night before half of them move away to pursue their careers. A second coming of age where once young adults are approaching that time where they must become mature adults. Sarah's big promotion is in another city. She is bringing her best friend Bonnie with her and their husbands Jeff and Conner along for the ride. While Sarah, Bonnie, and Bonnie's older sister Liz head out for the night, Jeff and Conner decide they should have one last poker game with Mikey (their best friend since high school) and new to the group Rob (Liz's husband). Good times, laughs, and nostalgia prevail, until old emotions and new dramas rear their ugly heads.

Movie Short Story

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