A Tale of Two Sillies (2018)

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A Tale of Two Sillies (2018)

A Tale of Two Sillies (2018)

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Release Date: 1 December 2018 (USA)


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E Tenebris Entertainment , T2S Productions

Larry Wilcox

Daniel Sobieray

Dominic Ryan Gabriel

Shaz Khan

Natalie Waldrip

Ian Bagg

Movie Short Story

For good friends Fulbert and Gulzar, it was supposed to be just another topsy-turvy 1990's sunny Los Angeles day at El Sendero Community College... but some turvies are topsier than others! Enter Salvatore Baxter, Fulbert's roommate who opens a wormhole in their delicate universe. Will Fulbert recover after seeing his beloved run to Gulzar? Will Salvatore recover after seeing his ex-beloved run to Fulbert? Will Victor recover after seeing his friend's beloved stash mannequin stolen by one destined for Snow D? Hone up on your Dickens and semantics skills, throw on a pair of Dickies, and prepare for a snowy ride!!!