Adrift in Soho (2018)

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Adrift in Soho (2018)

Adrift in Soho (2018)

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Release Date: 14 November 2018 (UK)


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Stars in Movie

Burning Films , Messina High Productions

Owen Drake

Caitlin Harris

Chris Wellington

Emily Seale-Jones

Angus Howard

Lauren Harris

Movie Short Story

A young philosopher from the provinces arrives in the London district of Soho sometime in the late Fifties. He befriends James Compton-Street a Soho lifer who knows what it takes to survive in one of the most challenging areas of the city. Through James, Harry meets a myriad of strange, unusual local characters whom he studies for a book he is writing. Harry also meets a group of film-makers who are putting together a documentary about Soho. Through the eyes of a budding philosopher and the camera lens of a group of film-makers the audience takes a look at the people and the lifestyles that shaped a social ghetto in the 1950s but that would also give the new generation a springboard to change the world only a few years later. Everyone knows now about the Sixties revolution but it was in Soho in 1959 that the seeds of the Sixties were sown. Where it all began.