Battipaglia 1969 (2018)

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Battipaglia 1969 (2018)

Battipaglia 1969 (2018)

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Release Date: 11 April 2018 (Italy)


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Stars in Movie

Umberto Anaclerio

Danilo Candela

Lucio Ciotola

Vincenzo Galdo

Luca Landi

Claudio Lardo

Movie Short Story

"Battipaglia 1969" tells the day of the April 9, 1969, that the revolution in Battipaglia. Us during the stormy and tumultuous years of worker and student revolts and even in a small town of Salerno, which seems far from the tumult of the big cities, is manifested for the rights of students and workers. And the closure of two major companies - the tobacco factory and the sugar factory - offer an excuse to jump in the uprising. The event runs through the streets of the city, escorted by men of the Police and the Carabinieri. Arrived in Piazza della Repubblica protesters decide to challenge the limits imposed by the police. Arrived at the station, the procession turned into a crowd of people exasperated: take possession of the track while police officers and police are watching. Up to order from Rome: block and remove the protest in any way. Tear gas, water cannons, rocks. The clash becomes hard and violent and all Battipagliese feel involved, so as to take to the streets to help the ...