Carve The Runes (2018)

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Carve The Runes (2018)

Carve The Runes (2018)

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Luc Nadeau

Isaac Nadeau

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In the spring of 2008, I sat in a parking lot in Boulder, Colorado and cried because my 33-year-old brother, Isaac, was dying and there was nothing I could do to help him. Several years later, we made a film in Scotland about two brothers dealing with the imminent death of one of them. We had very little film experience, no acting experience, ten days to shoot, and the help of our good childhood friend, Ian - and we had a story. 'Carve The Runes' is about Cai, a biologist doing research in the Cairngorms, and Oz, his younger brother who has come to visit him in Scotland after being diagnosed with a terminal illness. They travel through Scotland, wrestling with Oz's impending death, Cai's estrangement from his wife, and how climate change is affecting the world around them - and searching for answers through poetry, nature, and their own bond. In 2008, Isaac had an infection that almost killed him, and eventually resulted in him having to undergo a second kidney transplant. We ...