Catacombe (2018)

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Catacombe (2018)

Catacombe (2018)

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Release Date: 13 September 2018 (Netherlands)


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English | Mandarin | Dutch | Mandarin

Movie Production Company

Stars in Movie

Production Co: New Amsterdam Film Company , Wrong Men North

Kevin Janssens

Liliana de Vries

Orion Lee

Charlotte Vandermeersch

Mark Rietman

Werner Kolf

Movie Short Story

Professional football player Jermaine Slagter (32) is the defensive hub at FC Barkas, a people's club from professional football's lowest tier. Following a long period of drinking, sleeping around and lots of gambling, his wife Naomi left him, taking their daughter Joy with her. Jermaine is doing everything he can to keep his life on track so he can win back Naomi and Joy. But his body is slowly giving out, and his position as team captain is no longer secure. When Naomi has had enough of his destructive behavior and rejects him again, Jermaine ends up in the very place he was determined to avoid: an illegal gambling den. He borrows EUR100.000 there and loses it in a short time. Jermaine only has three weeks to pay back the money in order to keep the matchfixing syndicate from taking him in a stranglehold. On top of that, his position as a starter is increasingly under threat. As the clock winds down on the deadline, Jermaine plays the most important game of his life to keep ...