Dagger of Adultery (2018)

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Dagger of Adultery (2018)

Dagger of Adultery (2018)

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Release Date: 15 January 2018 (USA)

Adventure|Mystery|Romance |Mystery

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Mario M. Milano

Karla Camargos

Natasha Blasick

Claudio Ayres Da Motta

Katherine Murphy

Amy Kay Raymond

Movie Short Story

Based on the novel by Romeo Risica, The Dagger of Adultery, is an epic motion picture. (A noir psychological thriller) Dwayne Love,a world class music icon, becomes a desperate and hunted protagonist. From the deck of their Malibu beach estate, what seemed to be the perfect family is destroyed in one harrowing night of murder and mystery. Upon the horrific discovery of the slashed and bloodied body of his wife, Love realizes he has been framed as the prime suspect. In a state of confusion and frenzy, Love is forced to become a fugitive, and desperately attempts to unravel the mystery of his wife's slaying, while proving his innocence. Love's turbulent quest leads him across three continents in search of the murder weapon, a fabled relic known as the Dagger of Adultery. "Whoever receives the dagger has surely committed an act of adultery and therefore their family will all die by its serpentine blade". Love's pursuit guides him from the murky back alleys of Prague, to a perilous ship ...