Dai si hing (2018)

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Dai si hing (2018)

Dai si hing (2018)

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Release Date: 16 August 2018 (Hong Kong)


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Movie Production Company

Stars in Movie

Bullet Films , Mega-Vision Pictures (MVP)

Donnie Yen

Joe Chen

Kang Yu

Wai-Ho Auyeung

Tom Caserto

Movie Short Story

A high school is in crisis, the students are under-performing and preoccupied with non-academic activities. Henry Chen, aka Big Brother, a teacher with rather rusty writing skills yet armed with the most knowledgeable fists and heart of steel, comes to enlighten and inspire the students with his unconventional teaching methods. Just as the kids are improving their work and enjoying the merits of the educational system, trouble follows. An opportunistic entrepreneur creates havoc by sending in a motley gang of fighters to win over the land. Their approach, however, isn't all that persuasive with Chen as he and his beloved class are going to give the unwelcome guests the benefits of a real education.