Divided We Fall: A Story of Redemption (2018)

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Divided We Fall: A Story of Redemption (2018)

Divided We Fall: A Story of Redemption (2018)

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Release Date: 3 November 2018 (USA)


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Production Co: DemGirlz Productions,

Delaney Dunn

Millie Dunn

Tom Dunn

Topher Fredd

Erica L. Gadis

Ralph Gurrier

Movie Short Story

A story that conveys a powerful message that will change lives and unlock the doors of every kind of heart. It is a tale of three couples whose lives intertwine, intersect, and crash. The couples are unified by their friendships and love for one another and divided by their social beliefs, social status, political views, and race. Their journey will take you places where you experience a myriad of emotions: laughter, sadness, anger, and joy. And they discover that everyone can be forgiven. In the end, they realize what brings them together is the one thing no one saw coming.