Electricity (2018)

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Electricity (2018)

Electricity (2018)

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Release Date: 2018 (USA)


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TMD Productions

Kevin Scott Allen

Terry Ray

Movie Short Story

Brad and Gary hook up in a motel room after their tenth high school reunion in 1983 small town Chillicothe, Ohio. One is so closeted that he hides behind an invented a wife, and the other is so reckless that he kills his pain with sex, drugs and alcohol because he can't see far enough into the future to believe he has one. Despite their differences, they have a connection that they can't ignore which draws them back to that same hotel room, and to each other, for every successive reunion. The immense changes that happened for the LGBT community between 1983 and 2013 are reflected back through Brad and Gary's evolving lives each decade, from a world where silence equaled death, to one where equality might just be a reality if they can only believe that they deserve it.