Father and Hero (2018)

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Father and Hero (2018)

Father and Hero (2018)

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Wu Jiang

Bing Shao

Rao Yao

Movie Short Story

The story is set against the backdrop of the middle reaches of the Yellow River and Jin-Shaan Grand Canyon. 20 years ago, while pursuing the ruthless criminal Qin Jin, a gun battle broke out between the outlaw and the police. Qin fled unscathed, whereas policemen Tianjiao was killed and Jiang Han was seriously wounded. 20 years later, Jiang is once again on the trail of Qin. By pure coincidence Wei Wei, the daughter of Tianjiao, becomes a key figure in the event. The shots 20 years ago have altered their lives, and their paths will cross again as Jiang goes after Qin. Secrets long buried begin to surface, as the past returns to haunt the present. The towering boulders and steep cliffs along the raging Yellow River bear witness to crime and punishment as well as bravery and honor. This time, old scores will be settled, and it'll be an event that Wei Wei will never forget.