Hanalei Bay (2018)

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Hanalei Bay (2018)

Hanalei Bay (2018)

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Release Date: 19 October 2018 (Japan)


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Movie Production Company

Stars in Movie

Production Co: TalkStory Productions

Y Yoshida

Reo Sano

Nijir Murakami

Guy Sato

Mike Guiry

Louis Kurihara

Movie Short Story

Sachi is the owner of a piano bar. She is a single mother and her son is Takashi. One day, Sachi receives a phone call that her son Takashi died from a shark attack in Hanalei Bay, Hawaii. He was surfing in the bay area when a shark attacked him. His foot was bitten completely off by the shark. Sachi heads to Hawaii. Ten years later, Sachi visits Hanalei Bay annually on her son's death anniversary date. She spends time there reading or looking out into the ocean. One day, she meets two young Japanese surfers and hears from them about a young Japanese surfer, Takahashi, with only one leg.