Lad de dde hvile (2018)

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Lad de dde hvile (2018)

Lad de dde hvile (2018)

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Release Date: 4 October 2018 (Denmark)


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Pure Fiction

Jakob Hasselstrm

Razi Irawani

Sidse Kinnerup

Maria Fritsche

Baard Owe

Danny Thykr

Movie Short Story

Jimmy lives with his dysfunctional father. In high school, Jimmy keeps to himself and is considered weird because of his overblown interest in heavy metal, horror and the occult. His mother meant the world to him and since her death, he has been obsessed with contacting her soul through black magic. At the local cemetery he gets dangerously close, but is interrupted by something very powerful. His new classmate, Amir, persuades him to impress the school's most popular girls, Louise and Anna, with a secret occult seance. The four of them accidentally unleash an evil force. Only Jimmy can sense what's going on. The evil force wants to raise the dead, including his mom. Frantically, he tries to convince the others of the impending doom, but ends up alienating himself even further. He realizes that he can not prevent it alone. In order to stop the dead, he must first learn to coexist with the living.