Lady in White (2018)

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Lady in White (2018)

Lady in White (2018)

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Release Date: 23 November 2018 (Japan)


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Stars in Movie

Miyu Yoshimoto

Kazuki Namioka

Yma Yamoto

Yko Fueki

Hiroaki Miyakawa

Shken Kunimoto

Movie Short Story

When a new employee from a well-off family begins working for the first she had understood that she is walking into a fabulous working environment. This is what they call a 'white company.' Instead, she is in for a rude shock when the employer turns out to be a 'black company,' which is one with a negative environment, a rude boss, problematic co-workers, abuse and low pay. The employee's father runs a company that happens to go broke. She herself is not a model employee exactly however.