Lush Reeds (2018)

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Lush Reeds (2018)

Lush Reeds (2018)

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Release Date: October 2018 (Canada)


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The newly-married newspaper reporter Xia Yin's colleague Lu has committed suicide. The apartment is cluttered with various daily objects. Her husband urges her to quickly square them away. The article Xia Yin writes based on the interviews is rejected by her supervisor. The construction worker Gao looking for help, Xia Yin travel to his native place to conduct an interview. The trip acquires an illusory quality, the facts she had taken for granted come are repudiated one by one. She meets a little girl, who later uses her own ways of leading the fatigued Xia Yin into a illusory moment, gaining entrance into an alternate time-space. Xia Yin takes her leave of girl and continues looking for Gao's home. Lost like an errant spirit, Xia Yin can find no way out of the village.