Mountebank (2018)

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Mountebank (2018)

Mountebank (2018)

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Release Date: 29 May 2018 (USA)

Action|Crime|Drama |Crime

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Damon Penn Jr.

Darius Penn

Anthony Mull

Jamiera Jenkins

Omar Miles

Dontay Bessick

Movie Short Story

After Tez(Darius Kenny) finds out about his cousin Kevin's(Damon Penn Jr.) death he turns to a life of crime and robbery in order to survive. But the company he keeps all are in it for the money and they will cross him and whoever else to reach the top of the financial ladder. On the other side of town Tez's sister Christy(Destin Stuckey) is staying with her boyfriend Smooth(Lil Nate 410) who is a leading drug dealer in his city and everyone wants to always be on his good side. Conflict rises when Tez befriends Deuce(Maurice McFadden) who is Smooth's best friend and Tez later finds out something that will change the whole complexity of his friendship and trust with everyone that's around him. MOUNTeBANK is rated R for bloody images and language.