Ole Bryce (2018)

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Ole Bryce (2018)

Ole Bryce (2018)

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Release Date: 2018 (USA)


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Production Co: Team Ramsey Entertainment

Mel E. Agcaoili

Maurice Antonio

Cullen G. Chambers

Garret Davis

Alicia Doten

Massi Furlan

Movie Short Story

In 1968 on the heels of the historic Tuskegee Syphilis Study, two white doctors, Bryce and Feldman launched a secret experiment to find a cure for white mental illness. However, tired of using rats as test subjects they decided to use Negro men instead. The premise was to see if negro's (who's brains were thought to be smaller than whites) had the same mental illness trait of whites. In order to find out they needed to perform lobotomies on their subjects. The story is told from the point of view of Malcolm Wyatt, who's family had first hand knowledge of what was going on at Ole B.R.Y.C.E, as his brother Martin was one of the casualties of this shocking human experiment. It's not known whether or not this experiment was ordered by the federal government like the Tuskegee Experiment, or if the doctors took matters into their own hands. Whatever the case, the lives of Malcolm Wyatt and scores of other Negroes were forever changed.