Squaddies (2018)

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Squaddies (2018)

Squaddies (2018)

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Release Date: June 2018 (UK)


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Production Co: First Eye Productions

Finn Morley-Welch

Ryan John

Michael Ramus

David Warren

Emily Partridge

Movie Short Story

Nobby and Bambi are Privates in the British Army conscripted into National Service in 1953 at the time of the Korean War. Outmaneuvered by their Sergeant into volunteering to peel potatoes, they are soon joined by Hawkeye, also a conscripted soldier, who is more world-wise and has skived off being on parade. Their conversation quickly turns to the opposite sex and the very naive Bambi has some questions. Can Nobby answer them for him or does he also have some gaps in his experience? How will the timid Bambi cope with his two years in National Service and is Hawkeye quite as indifferent as he makes out? Squaddies reveals the startling contrast in society and the material circumstances, sexual mores, and lifestyle challenges for young people in the 1950's compared with the present. This brief encounter changes the perceptions of all three servicemen and leaves question for the audience to ponder.