The Invocation of Enver Simaku (2018)

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The Invocation of Enver Simaku (2018)

The Invocation of Enver Simaku (2018)

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Release Date: October 2018 (Spain)


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English | Albanian | Italian| Albanian

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Stars in Movie

Production Co: Paspop Media , Pegatum Transmedia

Antonio de la Cruz

Laertis Vasiliou

Viktor Zhusti

Julien Blaschke

Piro Milkani

Ferran Gadea

Movie Short Story

What did they see? What did they think? What or who did they awaken? 18 years have passed since the pogrom of Mesopotam, Albania. 18 years without Angela, television camera woman, killed during a bloody night of rioting. 18 years since that ghostly and deteriorated video footage which keeps awake and obsesses Julien every night. On the night of February 23, 1997 was the eve of "The lottery insurgence" of Vlora, that well known insurrection that had thrust Albania into the spotlight, capturing the worlds attention for a few days. But the city of Vlora was 180 kilometers from Mesopotam. The reason for what was going on there was a different one. What happened that night? Why? Today, 18 years later, Julien returns to Albania without the television sponsorship but with a determination to understand the reason that his wife Angela died. And with the help of his old Albanian collaborators he will try to get deep into a sea of impossible records, police files and visions of beyond. Until the...