Timon of Athens (2018)

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Timon of Athens (2018)

Timon of Athens (2018)

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Release Date: 22 April 2018 (Canada)


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Stars in Movie

Production Co: Melbar Entertainment Group

Joseph Ziegler

Josue Laboucane

Mike Nadajewski

Rodrigo Beilfuss

Qasim Khan

Movie Short Story

Renowned for his extreme generosity, the Athenian nobleman Timon has fallen prey to flatterers and false friends, on whom he showers lavish gifts and extravagant hospitality. His loyal steward, Flavius, tries to warn him of the financial consequences of such reckless expenditure, while the cynical philosopher Apemantus mocks his naivety, but Timon ignores them both. When his money runs out and his creditors demand payment, Timon sends confidently to his "friends" for help. When all refuse him, he throws one last party - one that heralds a dramatic change in his attitude to the world.