Vigilante Style (2018)

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Vigilante Style (2018)

Vigilante Style (2018)

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Release Date: 2018 (UK)


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Edward James Smith

Joseph Khachik

Jason Burden

Adam Frith

James Matthews

Laura Riley

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''Vigilante Style'' is an exploitation feature with a very gritty 1990's feel focusing on underground vigilante crews within the seedy and sinister underworld of Britain. The film conveys a message of standing up against corruption within today's society and taking matters into your own hands when the authorities aren't willing to act in your favour regardless of the circumstances and psychological affects they've had on the victims that never got the justice that they deserved. The film features a full assembled cast and is filled with intense drama, action, violence and a stylish look with its use of urban backdrops, wardrobe, music & narrative.